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“Teaching is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens.” – Shinichi Suzuki

Give Yourself Credit: You Are Right Where You Are Supposed to Be

Published: Jul 1, 2018  |   Category: Practice Tips, Insights Learned from Students

This post is just a small nugget from a bigger picture.

I am my worst critic! It is the perfectionist in me that brings out the worst in me. I criticize, overthink, and compare myself when I should simply walk in the flow for the assignment for which I have been created and purposed.

Have you ever felt down on yourself? Maybe you are demonstrating an activity or holding a practice session, and then something happens where you feel like you are not mastering it. You feel that you are not conveying it to your audience the way you see it in your mind... Then, you receive an acknowledgement from someone you didn't even know was watching in the background, telling you how much they liked what you were doing, and they want to learn from you.  There are many takeaways - as stated above, they are from a much bigger lesson. But here are just a few: 
  1. You never know who is watching you
  2. Don't worry about what others think
  3. Don't worry about how you think you look. More often than not, what you are doing is reaching/helping someone else, whether you realize it, or not.
  4. Acknowledgment that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing comes in many forms, but usually from an unexpected source.
  5. You are right where you are supposed to be, purposed for that moment

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