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“Teaching is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens.” – Shinichi Suzuki

Take Your Time: Don't Become Blinded by Your Frustration

Published: Jan 8, 2020  |   Category: Insights Learned from Students

Frustration surfaces when pride has gripped your sensibilities. Students can become frustrated for a variety of reasons. But the kind of frustration described in this post is the kind that comes when pride has risen in a student who thinks they know more than the teacher. It is a dangerous place to be when pride enters in. Sometimes, when a student is frustrated, he doesn't want to do what you ask. Sometimes there is a student who thinks he knows everything and refuses to list.....Read More

Push through the Pain

Published: May 16, 2019  |   Category: Practice Tips, Insights Learned from Students

As Malik plowed through the middle part of his piano piece, fumbling here and stumbling there, I gave him a nudge and then exclaimed, "You have to push through your pain! Don't stop!" The middle of the piece, his playing laden with mistakes. That's when I received a revelation. "Huh? What are you talking about? What does that even mean?" Malik, at 11 years of age is very intuitive. He looked up at me wide-eyed as if he'd done something wrong.....Read More

Give Yourself Credit: You Are Right Where You Are Supposed to Be

Published: Jul 1, 2018  |   Category: Practice Tips, Insights Learned from Students

This post is just a small nugget from a bigger picture. I am my worst critic! It is the perfectionist in me that brings out the worst in me. I criticize, overthink, and compare myself when I should simply walk in the flow for the assignment for which I have been created and purposed. Have you ever felt down on yourself? Maybe you are demonstrating an activity or holding a practice se.....Read More

Don't Resist Me

Published: Feb 2, 2018  |   Category: Insights Learned from Students

  I teach group string instruction at vario.....Read More

I Don't Have Time for That!

Published: Nov 3, 2016  |   Category: Insights Learned from Students

Anxiety is a serious thing!  After teaching my very bright beginner 2nd grade student the new skill of the "jumping 3rd finger" while keeping the 1st finger down, I exclaimed happily after seeing that he got the hang of it, "Good. Now, practice that pattern 25 times every day...," and before I could finish my sentence, he interrupts with, "What?!! I don't have time for that...!" This w.....Read More